Made for WASM-4, a fantasy console designed to work with WebAssembly.

This is a card game, with Touhou characters. Enjoy! :D


  • During each turn, you'll have to choose one card and stat which will be compared against the opponent. The card with the highest stat wins.
  • If you win, the spirit of your character will set free, and your card will be replaced by the one your opponent gives you
  • If you lose, the opponent will take your character away and may use against you later.
  • You can pick any of the cards you have, in case you want to "spare" some of them to use it later.
  • You must set all characters free in order to win. If you can't, the highscore will be saved and displayed on top of the screen, showing how many spirits you've collected.


  • Arrow keys: Select stats/cards.
  • Z/X: Start the game/pick stat.

You can also play via direct link.

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
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GenreCard Game
TagsFangame, fantasy-console, Pixel Art, Touhou, wasm-4, wasm4


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how does a pixel art anime look so good

great demonstration on how super trunfo/top trumps is a broken game mechanic haha
but amazing presentation and implementation

is 66 spirts saved good?

Very cool!! Was kinda easy at first, but once you get going it gets more even. Also, loved that characters like Mima were in!


Looks and plays great, but I feel it was a bit on the easier side. Mostly just pick your highest number and win. 

Cool concept, needs something extra to tie it together and make it fun. You can solve this game in 3 seconds. But this can become a cool game.